Friday, 15 April 2011


Well hello there! Welcome to Raspberry - in Heels!

For those of you that know me, you will probably have heard me mutter for quite some time now, about starting another blog that exhibits my LOVE of all things glamorous! Fashion, style, theatre, amazing food, history, IMPRACTICAL footwear and quirky cardi's! *sigh*

I am however a chronic procrastinator and it was only after reading the divine
Lilli's blog post accepting the challenge presented by Pippa from Runway Revolution that I figured I'd better get off my festively plump backside and get going!

What better way to start than to join in and accept the challenge?! It's an online style challenge site called ChunkyFRESHdressed which will focus on different fashion basics or themes and modelled by a variety of women. Each stylish woman featured will be exhibiting their personal style and flair, perhaps giving inspiration to other women to step outside their comfort zone. Showing ways to combat different challenges we all face in either budget, body type or age.

As Pippa says 'chunkyFRESHdressed is an online style challenge for chunky chicks'. Awesome much! I figure this will give me a good base from which to get started! I have many ideas and pictures in my head but this challenge really appeals to me as I love the idea of taking a basic item and making an amazing outfit from it - regardless of whether it comes from Target or Lisa Ho! Cue Danielle, someone who can always translate my rants about colour & themes into gorgeousness!

The first challenge was: Statement Belts

Dress & Belt: Jigsaw

My first thought went to my black and white snakeskin belt that I've taken to wearing with a black dress & snakeskin heels, but it felt a bit dreary, a bit glum. Cue the crazy splash of colour in the form of this gorgeous bubble-hemmed Monet Jigsaw dress - with pockets! Don't forget the pockets!

I usually team this dress with the above belt, also from Jigsaw. I love the subtle patent leather that seems almost dip-dyed and I add a pair of sky-high suede blue heels and a bright cardi. In the interests of changing it up for the Challenge I tried several different combinations but found the berry red belt and peep-toe kitten heels really popped!

Blue Platforms: Zu

Red Peeptoe heels: Heavenly Daze at Shoobiz

Red Belt: Review

Blue Belt: Jigsaw

Dress: Jigsaw

Red Peeptoe heels: Heavenly Daze at Shoobiz

Red Belt:

Anyhoo, welcome again. I'll be popping up another post for the first Challenge later, in the meantime - have a loverly night!!!


simona said...

cute blog! this colorful dress in particular rocks :)

Bec said...

Thanks babe :D How awesome are those colours? It's certainly cheery in this gloomy weather xx Hope you're keeping well!