Monday, 25 April 2011


Yeah, it's a little too early in Raspberry's blog life to have a post entitled "Meh" but you know what? Meh. Since my first posts my outfits have been more Peter Alexander *gush* than pencil skirted fabulousness.

PJ Pants: Peter Alexander

Been a bit bleurgh and I think it's contagious coz my pets are also a tad sooky :( So when better to introduce them :D

Napoleon is a French Bulldog and most definitely my trusty
sidekick, he loves wearing jumpers and almost always insists on planting his weighty buttocks on my lap when I am online - I'm thinking I should make him a blog contributor!

Jelly is my cat, she's a bit of a cow but we love her anyway. She also loves jumpers and coming on walks with Napoleon.

So anyway, I've been on the hunt for a job as I've just recently resigned from our family company as director. I'm feeling a bit dejected about the whole process really. There's only so many 'Thank you for your application but... no.' that you can take in one month! But regardless, there is a story: On one of my woe-is-me evenings after yet another rejection I figured the only thing for it would be to get pizza and watch American Idol (yes... I am one of them!)
As I wandered into my local pizza bar (conveniently attached to a swanky little
Italian restaurant) jeans and uggboots in tow, I thought I'd mention to the lovely girl behind the counter that I was looking for work and asked whether they hire often, then to my mortification she dashed off and grabbed the owner!

I am in my ugg boots people!

Cherry red uggies in fact - hardly stealthy and hardly appropriate attire for any kind
of job application! Anyhoo, long story short; she hired me and I now work there nights and this at least will give me the chance to pay bills while still hunting for another Mon-Fri kinda job! Yay! Another plus about this job, apart from the smell of prosciutto, is that management gives you a free small pizza every shift. So while the weight loss benefits of a new waitressing job may be somewhat marred by the presence of a large pizza menu; my sidekick and I are certainly having a field day!

This past week on the other hand has been somewhat bitter-sweet. My cousin and bestie Danielle from Curiouser & Curiouser came down with her three kidlets from Melbourne for a family visit over Easter. She amazingly spent all day with me on Wednesday helping me sort through the largest pile of financial crap I've ever seen and then came over again on Friday to help me move furniture, gather things to sell and organise generally.

Friday evening she headed off to the airport to pick up
her hubby Ben and I must say that what followed was quite possibly one of the most epic evenings in history! You know one of those nights that you shriek "we are so awesome, we need a dictaphone to remember our awesomeness" insert finger wagging, somewhat slurred syllables and an interest in mixing "Sexy, Citrus" beverages from France because "I've been to France - have you been to France? - and I am deserving of France's goodness" with "Amazing peaty, singular, peaty, peaty" beverages. Add some Glee, a prosciutto whore or two, an alien and Nathan Fillion and cue a night of insane laughter, belly aches, heartfelt hugs, skeletor and 5am bedtimes...

EPIC, I say!

Ahem. On the more practical side, Ben was amazing helping to move building materials (we're renovating) from our front porch inside, lifting giant vintage club chairs and sexifying my Xbox 360! Danielle.. well it would take me too long to list everything she has helped me with but we've gathered over 100 dvd's to sell and four bags of my clothes including Alannah Hill, TH, Veronika Maine, vintage goodness, Witchery and Mollini boots (never worn! *sigh*)

Being able to de-clutter and sort through things to hopefully make some money back is very cool. Although I am a bit heart-broken about some items, I must remember it's all for the greater good! Yes. Yes it is. *TWITCH*

I am having a bit of a love affair with these earrings and hairpin though I can't remember where I got the earrings... :(

Hairpin: Alannah Hill

Also, I am very excited to see that Pippa's posted the first blog challenge: BELTS and that I managed to get in despite being very tardy ;) check out the belted lovelies here.

Hope everyone enjoyed the sooper long weekend x


Danielle Quarmby said...

Love you chicken! Took me awhile to work out the 'alien', LOL. Absolutely hilarious, that dog of yours ;)

Lauren said...

Hi! I've come to your blog from chunkyFRESHdressed- love your belt and dress combo!
But what I now realise is that its a really small world! because I had coffee with Dan and the kidlids on Wednesday afternoon and you are Bec :) too funny!
Anyway, I planning on jumping in on the next challenge too! x

Bec said...

Hiya Lauren :) man it IS a small world lol, I am sorry I didn't get to join you for coffee - would've been lovely to meet you IRL!

Awesome thanks, am definitely looking forward to the next Chunky Challenge, can't wait to see what it is hehe! xxB

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog, but I just wanted to stop by and say hello.. I have a frenchie too...what's his or her name?

Bec said...

Hi Elle Marie, welcome, welcome :D Thanks for popping past my new widdle blog!
My little man is called Napoleon, coz he's short, fat (obviously French ;)) and has an ego the size of Brazil!
What's your frenchie called?