Friday, 15 April 2011

Challenge 1: Statement Belt

Dress, Cardi & Belt: Jigsaw
Blue Platforms: Zu

So here we go! Statement belts a-plenty... Although methinks not much can stand up to the 'statement' the Monet dress makes! {Honestly I think it's more of a Pollock, but what would I know :P} I figured I'd better post my entry for ChunkyFRESHdressed here just in case as I didn't get to email mine to Pippa before the deadline - tut tut!

{We've already had the procrastination conversation though, haven't we?}

Definitely looking forward to the next challenge!
Time to shop my wardrobe!

1. Causing vertigo, esp. by being extremely high or steep.
2. Relating to or affected by vertigo.

Dress: Jigsaw
Red Peeptoe heels: Heavenly Daze at Shoobiz
Red Belt: Review

So which look do we prefer? Red or Blue?

Sadly it definitely needs to be worn with a belt cinch of some type as it lacks vital darts under the bust and looks all saggy {read: v.v. unfriendly}
Tricky... How would you wear this dress? Could we pull it off with opaques and Metalicus top underneath for Winter, I wonder.

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Kelly Ingram said...

Hello gorgeous x
Well, you know I am usually a sucker for red but this time, I think I'm loving the blue look - swayed over by the belt, which is super funky xx