Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Of Course Everybody NEEDS A Cape!

Don't they? Surely they do! I had this argument with my (very practical in the fashion dept.) Mother Dearest today. There are some amazing capes out and about this season - especially a particularly gorgeous camel-coloured, brushed wool cape from Miss Shop WITH military style features. Was a perfect compromise of practical winter warmth, fashion forward yet not too expensive to warrant the purchase... which in my book = true love!

Buuuuut, I didn't buy it.


I didn't.

Not at all :(

In fact I had almost reconciled to the idea. That was until taking my Mum shopping this afternoon. I saw just one remaining - one left, and firmly clutched in the arms of a woman who quite frankly would've looked jaundiced in camel damn it! So yeah. Bitter and twisted much? I did crack this one out though...

Cape: Dotti
Jeans: K-mart

It's from Dotti - who have some verrrry cute things this season - and a very nice warm ochre colour but I am not sold just yet, the detachable fur collar is the only thing that gives its cheaper price away - it seems uneven and just doesn't sit right for me. Not sure, I love it in theory, but will keep an eye out for another I think.

Speaking of budget purchases though, I did have a 'moment' in Big W the other day. I bought a long sleeved black and charcoal striped v-neck top for $10.87 and these adorable RASPBERRY flats for a mere $8.97! Awesome much!

Ballet Flats: Big W

I haven't been doing much shopping lately due to budget restrictions but I realised that I wasn't doing my other favourite thing; which is 'people watching' down Rundle Mall, trying on different clothes and new season arrivals and thinking of ways to put them together - often in a budget form, remixing items from my wardrobe or adding an investment piece to an otherwise simple outfit. I used to head into town at least once a week, spend the day wandering around and have lunch out. Sometimes I'd get a massage or once a month a mani & pedi, then I'd come home and parade any new purchases or ideas to my hubby often declaring the collection of bags "looks worse than what it is" to which he'd laugh and roll his eyes and say "sure hun, show me your bargains." The process was often more fun than the actual purchase.

So, in the interests of getting back in the saddle, I spent the day with my parents in town today. I wore my afforementioned $11 striped top, a pair of $10 dark, skinny jeans from K-Mart, Rubi ankle boots and one of my favourite Cue coats from last season (read: $400+) I love that the majority of my outfit cost about $60.00 but how easily a look can be transformed by adding a punchy piece.

Anyhoo, the purpose of today was primarily to find my mother a dress she could wear to a wedding we are attending later this month. We found an elegant, stunning, and very versatile aubergine sheathe dress by Anthea Crawford (I think), but she wasn't convinced it was wedding-y enough and ended up buying a fitted shimmery sea-green dress. It looks very pretty and she has a figure to die for but I think it's gonna need some amazing accessories to amp it up a touch - I have my work cut out for me hehe!

As for me, what on earth do I wear? Being on a verrry strict budget (anathema to me *sob*) I am having a hard time finding something that I love. I found a gorgeous strapless Charlie Brown number today with a c-c-crazy bird print all over it. Charlie Brown is a bit of a hit and miss for me most visits; sometimes they have something beautiful but mostly I find a lot of the prints a bit dated or "loud". But. This dress, while still being loud-ish would look pretty awesome with neutral accessories, so I am considering a layby if I pick up another job (eek!) On the more practical side, I found a sweet Cue dress which would be incredibly versatile and trans-seasonal but again with most versatile dresses; not very wedding-y - what to do, what to do?

Will sleep on it ;) my first shift in (an additional) new job tomorrow, so should have been in bed four hours ago - tut tut. Goodnight all xB


Kerry said...

YES YES YES everyone needs a cape, I have 2 true knit ones, that I bought on asos, they are awesomem very warm and as long as accrsoried correctly tre chic!

Claire said...

Those flats are lovely

Bec said...

Ah HA! :D Thank you Kerry! I will be forwarding your comment to my mother dearest lol!
Your capes sound very cool, what colour knits did you buy? I have yet to purchase from ASOS, I can never choose... you recommend their dangerous shopping treasures then? ;)

Hey Claire, thanks for popping past :D (The flats are comfy too = win!)
Love your blog btw x